Taxonomy is next to divinity in that naming a thing evokes control.


Write for five minutes without stopping.


What are Darwin's five great contributions to our understanding of nature and how does Margulis use one or more of these concepts to revolutionize contemporary biology with the five or six kingdom taxonomy of the living world?




Neither fish nor fowl?
Sky and Water I, 1938. Max Escher's wood cut of air and sea creatures.

* The power to define is the power to control.

Name of the Vine, is the chapter where Margulis significant continuation to our understanding of biology is explicated.

Organelles and genes outside of the nucleus.

RNA as a hint RNAi

alters the organelle called a ribosome (protein \ amino acid pathways).

p. 65.



"Organisms are next distinguished by how they develop: from spores [fungi], from an embryo surrounded by its mother's tissue [plants] from a blastula embryo [animals] or from none of the above [protoctists].

p. 66.

A taxonomic scheme must be an information retrieval system.

p. 67.


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