"Susan Griffin explains it [a story], but a way of narrating events that gives the listener ‘a path through those events that leads to some fragment of wisdom.”

Another Dimension? by Joseph Siry

1 From beneath the water what may a a breaking wave appear to be to the school of fish below?

2 Making sense of the insensible is a dangerous vocation, a solitary madness should no one else agree.

3 I think for most people there are but three dimensions. But they are asleep to the fourth and fifth.

4 Well hidden dimensions of elusive fields are the problem in this story of what do we call the fifth dimension?

5 Now Kaku, studied Einstein, getting drunk enough on Einstein's unified field theory to suggest in his book Hyperspace that other dimensions exist.

6 There are, for those of us who go beneath the ocean's waves, suggestions of what denizens of the deep sense.

7 Although I cannot say what the cuttlefish saw, I will suggest to you that we have all sensed, if not fully recorded and mapped out the fifth dimension when on a cold day, we trudged across a woolen carpet and then extended our hands to a metal doorknob only to feel a twinge of strong to weak electrical discharge.

8 If we have five senses to compress the three D world into our mental imagery, how many senses would we need to possess to formulate the five dimensions within which we swim?

9 While the practical among the audience scoff, and the mystical amongst you fear the map will profane the sacred realms beyond sensory perception, there is growing need for some of us who are hooked, drunk on Einstein and drawn into Kaku's story, to sketch the path of the journey we find we are lost within.

10 First of all, a five dimensional map would take us from here to there, just like any map, because we are already in five dimensions,and it would protect us from the very things we now blame on - oh bad luck, chance, probabilities, Godesses, God, the devil, or lord Shiva!

11 In a classroom setting I often ask my students what accounts for the iron filings in a glass jar to seemingly defy gravity and hang suspended from a magnet?

12 What should our map display? Yes, confusion, yes unclear areas and to a certain degree some as yet to be determined details. But our map ... is an essential step.

13 Electricity does of course appear to us as ball lightning, St. Elmo's fire and bolts of electrical discharges during a storm.

14 So for only 180 years or so have we had conclusive proof that, like a mother and dad, electricity and magnetism together conjoined give birth to our world. ....Theodor Kaluza on a cold spring day in 1919, had a brilliant insight, based on Einstein's work.

15 Clearly history is the realm of the fourth dimension since over time the shape of everything undergoes changes.

16 I think we are. Theodor Kaluza in 1919 proposed to Einstein that the fifth dimension would mathematically make both exquisite sense of and be a beautiful portrait of Einstein's ideas concerning special and general relativity: A world alive in five dimensions.

17 Gaston Bachelard, a French philosopher of science, in the 1930s, suggested how impartial our visions of reality are when he said that we had not yet developed an adequate language to describe the uncertainty principle, distortions of the speed of light, and the half-life of radioactive decay.

18 Many societies today place human hopes on developing nuclear fire, or fission reactors, the product of the electroweak force.

19 On all our maps of the fifth dimension will be shocks, those places where flesh has met electrons flowing at the speed of light: 300,000 meters per second.

20 People, I suspect lived contentedly before fire, but to what level did their discontent rise when fires were extinguished, once they had become used to and even reliant on a fire's light and warmth?

21 Together the fourth dimension of time and the fifth dimension of Electro-weak decay paint a vivid picture of things we cannot sense but are too intimately associated with to ignore.

22 We as a planet are caught in the eddy of our sun and on our five -D maps we need to note that the high energy discharges of the sun, not only disrupt our radio communications, but could on some fateful day fry every electrical transformer on earth, leaving us in the non-electric utility world of 1889 unless we are cautious. No? Unless we are fortunate.

23 Just as Pliny, the Roman naturalist, could not have understood what caused Vesuvius to explode in 79 AD, many of us have no idea what occurred on March 13, 1989 when a solar flare struck the earth and interrupted electrical deliveries in North America.

24 Amidst the froth we live out our four dimensional lives in a five-d quantum foam of even six or more dimensions. But since we dwell now at the beckon call of electronic appliances, we may need to be more careful than we were when using with fire.

25 Like iron fillings attracted to a magnet, these stolen electrons will no longer do the work they were captured, bound and designed by us or by nature to perform. We sit at the edge of an abyssal, five-D sea and look for signs to protect us from some sudden shift in the electromagnetic field that forms the shore upon which we sit.



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