Understanding a universe of higher dimensions.

What a strange world theirs must be!

"Living their entire lives in the shallow pond, the carp would believe that their universe consisted of the murky water and the lilies. Spending most of their time foraging on the bottom of the pond, they would be only dimly aware that an alien world could exist above the surface

Once I was caught in a rainstorm. I noticed that the pond's surface was bombarded by thousands of tiny raindrops. The pond's surface became turbulent, and the water lilies were being pushed in all directions by water waves....I wondered how it all appeared to the carp. To them the water lilies would appear to be moving around by themselves, without anything pushing on them. Since the water they live in would appear invisible, much like the air and space around us, they would be baffled that the water lilies could move around by themselves."

Michi Kaku, Hyperspace, pp. 3-4.


Kaluza-Klein theory light was really a vibration in the 5th dimension.

5-D means the fifth dimension

p. 8.


D means dimensions

Heinz Pagels says that space is 3-D x =width, y =height; z =length

p. 9


Einstein suggested, however, that spacetine is four dimensional.

Thus 4D= time j = T = time

p. 10


“The laws of nature are simpler at higher dimensions”
Peter Freund hyperspace theories

p. 11


Cheetah’s beauty caged = laboratory -- nature in a cage; loses beauty!

p. 12


p. 13 -14

Search for grand unification

“Simply put, the matter in the universe and the forces that hold it together, which appear in a bewildering variety of complex forms, may be nothing but different vibrations of hyperspace.”

p. 15

Physical is from the Greek root word --physis-- for the material conditions of existence. It conveys the ideas of form and function of the objects and things we see, feel, touch, smell, taste, measure or otherwise observe around us.


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