Animation of electromagnetic induction: alternating current.


Electricity is an inherent property of matter.

See Electronic Properties of Matter.


Electrons carry negative electric charges.

flow of electrons

Neutrons decay into negatively (–) {electrons} and positively (+) charged [protons] particles.


beta decay

"the double beta decay itself is allowed and has been observed for different nuclei.
During this process, two neutrons in the nucleus decay each under emission of an electron and an antineutrino into two protons. Just as with the simple beta decay the lepton number remains conserved because of the emission of the antineutrinos. But this process of the weak interaction is very rare and has half-lives in the range of about 1021 years."

Animations here are from The GERDA-Experiment which "searches for the neutrinoless double beta decay."

Tubingen University


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