Darwinism as a New Worldview

 July, 1837, in Darwin's worldview nature and human order were altered:
Static becomes dynamic: fixity of species was replaced by horizontal and vertical differentiation of species.
Geologically "deep time" became critically necessary of far-reaching scientific importance.
Population thinking replaced typology with respect to taxonomy.
Humans placed "into the stream of animal evolution."

"Yet, the causes of evolution were a complete mystery to him." Ernst Mayr


Mayr, p. 70.

What is a Darwinism?

What is revolutionary about these ideas?

  1. Importance of individual arises from the fact that organisms are the focus of selective pressure.
  2. Malthus' ideas on differential potential between fertility and resources was applied to selection.
  3. Common descent leads to immense variation though horizontal and vertical speciation.
  4. Survival of the most fortunate, since chance or fortune drives natural selection.