Lake George
Lake George, New York.

Geology & Chemistry
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Aldo Leopold on land

Art, landscape

Atmospheric Chemistry

Birds and climate change

Coral Reefs

Coral reefs and resilience to changes in ambient conditions

Creation story on human origins

Culture interpreted

ice age

Cultural Landscapes

Environmental history, scales and meaning of

Geochemical cycles

Geology of South Florida

George Perkins Marsh about land

Global warming warning

Global warming index

Impacts discussed

The Lake as a microcosm


Living Downstream, ecology and cancer

Leo Marx

machine, four parts of

Malthus, on population

Mangrove swamps

Margulis on our symbiotic planet

Mercury as an example of ecological accounting

Sand grains sizes

Science -- characteristics of scientific knowledge

Trees of Laguna Woods, California.

Four Scientific Revolutions:

1) Wegener's continental drift hypothesis as an example.

2) Heavenly bodies and Galileo as an example.

3) Natural history and Darwin as an example.

human skull evolution
A fossil Heidelberg skull in comparison to a contemporary human cranium.


4) Natural Philosophy: Newton and Hooke.

Solar system.

Temperature fluctuations over the last millennium

Temperatures rising, trend or destiny?

Universe is an unfolding story

Hydrological Cycle
hydrological cycle hydro
The hydrological cycle is the sustaining feature of diverse life on Earth.
  Water basic knowledge  
  water centric ideas watershed
  water ethics
  water, use and conservation of
  Weal as habitat