Environmental literacy: Ways to nourish the ecology of freedom.



"Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself."


Leo Tolstoy an oft-quoted remark.

The very core and center of environmental literacy is your learning about the roots and impacts of how media, commerce, and film can and do alter our concepts of the natural world, our responsibility to lead, and ethically serve others.


All learning is about writing and that expression is evaluated based on your critical reading and analysis of texts. These are the focus of discussions about significant matters concerning human health and the environment. Basically we all write to practice being very clear in expression about media, and what we do about ecological problems. We use media in to convey ideas to the public. I believe writing about the texts reveals our shared capacity to formulate concepts and learn new material about the extent to which media influences, if not corrupts, our understanding of nature & people.


Nine hours per day absorbing media is divided her into healthy bits of bytes.



One conceptualization of how media revises our experience of the world of words.

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