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Goals often may diverge.JVSIRY

by Joseph Siry

MATCHING Your goals and mine

Do you hope to learn the same things as others in the class?

Fill out the following exercise.

Print out the table below so you can fill out the questions and then bring the completed table with you to a prearranged meeting with me in my office. check

Listen carefully to what other participants say.



And finish the exercise together with three or four other people.

Be able to discuss your intentions with others and to compare them with the instructor's goals for the course.

In the table below, select the far left hand column {Itemized listing} to make your list. Make a list of for or five goals you have for this class.

      What do you hope to achieve by enrolling and participating in this course?

      What are some specific things you want to learn or skills you want to be able to exercise and improve?

      Do you have any questions you hope to get answers for?

    Record your intentions in this table below:
    Itemized listing: relative ranking and matching to instructor
    Your goals or intentions for this course Importance Similarity? Mentioned?
    A). # - Yes No
    B). # - Yes No
    C). # - Yes No
    D). # - Yes No
    E). # - Yes No

  1. Using the next column to the right, {relative ranking} rank your objectives, or intentions, from the perspective of how important they are for you to achieve? If they are the most important, relative to the others, make that #1, the next most important make #2 and so on down your list.

  2. Take a short amount of time to compare your list with one or more other participants.

  3. When your instructor reviews her or his goals or intentions circle the appropriate word in the last two columns {and matching}. If your goals coincide with the instructor circle "Yes"; if your intentions diverge from the instructor's because they are not mentioned then circle "No."

  4. In discussing your intentions with others and comparing your goals with those of the class, it is not expected that there will be complete agreement. The expectations of this exercise are for you to vocalize your needs, listen to others, note down similarities and differences and take appropriate steps to improve your level of attention and participation in the class. This is because you are important.

  5. If there are very few goals that you and I share, you may want to consider another class, than the one in which you are enrolled.

  6. Bring the completed form to the first meeting with your instructor to review.

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