Free Writing

bookTo freely write or practice "free writing" means to write down ideas and concepts you recall from the readings about a question or problem without hesitating.

You write as fast as you can to fill as much of a page in five minutes as you are capable of completing.

  • grammar, spelling, and syntax are not important
  • this is writing for you to rewrite and refine later.
  • The idea is to get your thoughts about the question down on paper quickly.

You can have blanks or ask questions and go back later to dig out the answers when you reread the texts.

Don't stop, just write as much as you can. Read over what you wrote.

Summarize what you have said when you are done "free writing."

How clear is your point? When you finish, you may use this writing --if it is clear and descriptive-- as one ingredient in your essays, papers, or presentations.

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