teach or learnLearning involves a mastery of languages, images, formulas, and a process of rationally relating these features of our intelligence.

Intelligence is a measure of the outcome of cumulative process of acquiring, using, practicing and re-applying knowledge. There is not merely one type of intelligence.



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For example, when describing the relation of a picture or graphic to words we undertake a process requiring the deliberate use of language to describe patterns that give meaning to the depiction:

Canyon waterfall


Literal: the sculpted landscape in sandstone carved by water falling and carrying with it an abrasive force that wears down the rocks in the shapes seen here.

Figurative: the nourishment of life giving water to a parched rock and sand strewn desert brims over with cool, moist loving plants and animals who find refuge in the well fed streams of the the canyon.

A baptismal of beauty brought by melting snow to the low lying deserts.

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