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Grover's Corners, is a township (much like "Springfield.") anywhere USA.


Grovers Corners


The dark lines are rivers, dark grey areas are the mountain forests and medium grey are rolling hills, while light grey is swamp forest.






Section 20 is the town's urban setting, that once looked like the drawing and today resembles this photograph:


Stockbridge, Mass.

The scene here is of Main Street in this village of "Utopia," in Grover's Corner Township.


While most of the landscape resembles:

Bershire farms


The mountains are pretty impressive:

Greylock woodland

Scene looking due north from Grover's Corner's: "Utopia" the incorporated village adjacent to the forested foothills also seen here.

But not from a distance, you need to get up close:

mountains winter

Mountain forests are the sources of the township's water supplies for all purposes.

Rivers form natural levees along the extent of their banks due to seasonal flooding.

Rural landscape along the river levee.

River levees


ecotonesMount greylock

Photograph of swamp and over-flow land as a transition from water to a forested ecotone.


Write a 300 word description of landscape you think corresponds to the number of the parcel you would like to own. Should you be fortunate in the auction we hold in class you could own the parcel you describe.


US population Growth

Game Rules to the Estates of Grovers Corners.


US land

Below is an actual survey map, or plat map of the San Joaquin Valley in California, photographed above.

townshipA little more than half of a township is revealed on this map above.

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