On the precipiceArnold Pacey, The double Meaning in Technology

Hempstead Heath by John Constable

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What sorts of lasting changes does automated technology create that mechanized tool complexes did not bring about?


Pacey: We have reshaped the surrounding regions beyond recognition; is it a prelude to terra-forming, or altering the entire planet?


Meaning in Technology




Postman - everything you ever knew is wrong!

Tenner - anything you ever had possessed can, instead, extract "revenge" in the form of unintended consequences.


Postman says?

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Tulips as tools?
Tools of Toil: what to read.
Tools are historical building blocks of technology.
Technology can be understood if tools have three facets.
Tools used in both Music and Architecture led to mechanization and automation.
Tools and the study of technology require us to reflect on the power of instruments,