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The tao which can be spoken is not the tao.


"Good sense is the most evenly shared thing in the world. . . "

Descartes’ “Discourse on Method


This page begins with links to all the pages on this site about words, terms, definitions, concepts and writing, because writing well reveals good thinking.

This is also a focal point for links to the details of this site that have to do with written composition and editing.

All of the content here is based on words that we use to create metaphors that describe the world.

These links among images, concepts and explanations tie together and see how to filter this world in a literate manner so that you may understand my views more clearly.

Words are crucial to understand. Many terms –vocabulary really– are ambiguous and vary as a means to describe learning. But they remain essential literate elements for comprehending metaphors that describe what is known about the universe.

Words can both convey and hide meanings from us. But as a gateway to the images that evoke a more profound understanding of life, words excite us:

    1. to describe what we know,
    2. express what we don 't know &
    3. discern what we cannot know

about our cosmos.

bookWords have a sort of play, or elasticity of meaning. While some words only mean precisely certain particular things, other words have many and dissimilar meanings.

For example: atom refers to the smallest building block of matter. Nucleus, however, may refer to the core of an atom or the dark staining center of sophisticated cells of plants, animals, fungi, or microbes. By analogy nuclei may refer to a core, or center of things on which to focus our attention. Hence the idea of the nuclear family.

readThen there are words such as "way," meaning how something is done, but way may also mean a fashion, manner, mode, or procedure. When words possess variable meanings depending on a context, we say that words are quite elastic because in variably, but distinct ways they evoke differences. The actual meaning of elastic words depends on meaning, grammar, and syntax, of the surrounding sentences and phrases.



humming bird

They build the world. Important pollinators are Humming birds and Lepidoptera, or butterflies, moths and bats. Pollinators like bees all indicate reproductive health and the integrity of flowering plants in an ecosystem on which we depend for food, fuel, fiber and forage.

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web of relations

Words when used in phrases as language signal clues that can be threads in the web we spin to intercept reality; they are sticky parts of the web in which we snare sensations we receive. Language is an important representation of the world. Once captured, the imagination can prey upon these sequestered meanings. In this manner we derive directions from how we express what we sense.

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Words as signs of the future based on older ideas of electrons to electronics act as switches in our minds.


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solitary planet 


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