A Story

The history of technology is not simple: from stone age Ötzi to literate Egypt & Greece, until today it is complex.

"A Discourse on Tools " is a talk with you where I advocate that any technology is a related set of tools acting as a means of knowing the world.

If placed in the correct contexts, tool use reveals important values and not just changes in behavior, trends, and fashions throughout history.

EVIDENCE :     The Judgement of Thamus           from Plato's           Phaedrus

Thamus story acts as Postman's opening rhetorical means of:

1 • his proposing that this story by Plato is casting doubt on our prevailing opinions about inventions.

2 • hoping that you will see that we all must be more well informed in our awareness that the use of tools powerfully shapes society.

"Whether or not it draws on new scientific research, technology is a branch of moral philosophy, not science."

Paul Goodman, quoted on prelude page.

I hope to remove unexamined biases from your beliefs about technology.