New industrial order of society

The coming together of electricity, radiation and chemistry created the basis of our electronic existence.

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What Pursell argues is profound because he asserts that we are out of touch with reality. Postman and Pursell assert that new organizational concepts emerged from Sylvanus Thayer, Frank & Lillian Gilbreth, Frederick Winslow Taylor, & George Whistler.

Kaku envisions a completely automated future.

building stillPostman argues, that to properly comprehend how screwed we are that people must see technology for what it is -- the sensory transformation of our capabilities and the mental alteration of the world we experience, He insists that the power of tools can improve human social organization if we are clever enough to meet the challenges of automated machinery.

The materials, the techniques and more importantly social organization underwent the most profound change since the Chinese technological innovations of the Tang, Sung and Ming dynasties. To make the most effective use of new technology, many precise behavioral changes depend on the technical facets of the tools involved.


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