One particular puzzle of all material existence is that the organization of the parts at one extreme level of measurement does not appear present at a larger or at a smaller level of order, so that when measuring the three observed dimensions of space in terms of objects larger than a molecule, the idea that the atoms enabling those molecules to exist are mostly empty space is not at all obvious, or even measurable without some technical apparatus to reveal these obscure layers of continuation.


In the drawing below the different magnifying glasses represent the various technical apparatus scientists use to reveal the obscured dimensions of matter. They are set against a field with the design of the Cartesian coordinate grid that is used to reveal at each subsequent level of magnification how size, distance, and even the shape of objects alters by how large or small they are in comparison to other objects in each isolated –yet interconnected– realms comprising these disparate layers of the cosmos.

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A universal metric ?

In the drawing above the suggestion is that electromagnetic waves are the consistent measure of these divergent configurations of matter at different wavelengths representing the way by which one level of order emerges into a quite differently sized condition of three dimensional space.

What are dimensions?

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