Biotechnology, religion and the body (2005)
William Leiss

All the genes that code for the brain’s activities
- will be identified in the next five years.

molecular pathways exhibited in certain type of behavior -- how it works and where in the genome the certain functions arise and are controlled or modulated -

30,000 genes in the human genome that are of 3 billion base pair sequences that code for identifiable amini acids or stop and go sequences

bio-molecular engineering

a technology of unique power and elegant simplicity

Monkey brain -- dopamine receptors -- disabling experimentation

• rinal cortex receives and can block visual reception and recognition; visual cues are the cues used to adjust behavior

• visually cued reward schedules -- to obtain rewards

They induced a direct injection of a DNA construct interfering with the D-2 dopamine receptor in the rinal cortex interfered with the monkey’s visual cueing capacity to gain the desired (trained) reward.

molecular pathways underlying behavior

each expression has a molecular set of necessary chemical conditions to allow the process to transpire.

Neuro-science: Brain structures | Memory | Mind-brain | Neuronal memory signals | Psycho-pathology | Mirror neurons

The neuronal partnership roles of astrocytes & glia.

brain, speech organs & language evolution

evolution of intelligence

visual cortex

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