DecobroderTrifle The corpus of my study reveals that:

Global Warming is all too real and we can do something about it.

Water pollution is dangerous to our health and the life of the planet.

Loss of species is surely due to our negligence if not a criminal disregard for other life.

Widespread industrial abuse in the use of land is the problem that is undermining the earth's life support system.

Humans have more power to alter their surroundings than they possess the good sense to build a better world.

The importance of historical perspective is unmatched for efficacy in guiding policy.

I doubt; we do not really understand nor comprehend the world with any sophistication.

We live on both sides of the contradiction believing faithfully in both sides.

People who thunder the loudest about what they are losing do not understand that what they believe they are losing is precisely the things they never actually possessed.

A gene (the hereditary particulate material) is not an instruction as much as it functions as a capacity to cope, or endure – that is to respond in some range of ways to stimulation, stress, or perturbation.


Two Cultures.






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