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Aldo Leopold's "shack" in Baraboo, Wisconsin.


A Taste for Country, is an essay about property disposal, symbiosis and the extension of ethics to the varied and -- often uneconomical -- productive sources of biological wealth.

Leopold explores the importance of the biological food chain and the cycle of life in Thinking Like a Mountain.

Land and water together form a necessary mixture of life sustaining and life giving capacities.

Asher Brown Durand's paintings shown below are a good visual cue to the many important concepts that Aldo Leopold described in reference to caring about the "land organism" and the wisdom of biotic navigation, among many of his profound suggestions for living as partners with the Earth.

Forest Stream Lake
ladder pond
Timber or watershed protection?
Coppice or recreational natural area.
Commons for grazing cattle and wooded wetland.
A mere agronomic approach fails.
A taste for country is needed.
Lands of little or no economic value.


What is land but "a maze of services and competitions, of piracies and cooperations,"


Thinking Like a Mountain

Anatomy of a famous quote

Land ethic


Leisure time


Accounting for environmental assets.

Biological diversity, what is it?

Carrying capacity

Crane marsh,

Darwin, ideas about.

"A crane marsh holds a paleontologic patent of nobility."
Cranes come from of a line of descent that emerged in the Eocene. Plates on the earth move geologically slowly to rearrange the surface every 26 million to 100 million years.

Geological time and values

Round River,

Mountain means

A study guide to accompany A Sand County Almanac