Vermont AutumnNumerous limiting factors account for the carrying capacity of landscape and assimilative capacity of the water and air.

    food web
    climate change
    solar irradiation
    trace elements: N, K, Ca, P, Na, S,  Mg, Fe.

Both the genetic viability and the fertility of the soil are preconditions for a successful approach to agricultural food production.

Sustainable grazing, harvesting, logging requires costly investments to attain higher yields.

Is diet destiny?

With 2 billion people no; with 6 billion yes because we are consuming the world’s biotic wealth at an unassimilative rate. (coffee, sugar, tea, rice, milk & meat dictate land patterns)

We are eating the capital (calcium in a German forest), failing to reinvest fully (reforestation), and auctioning off the entail (ANWR) [ commons ] that is derived from biotic wealth’s steady accumulation ( Leopold’s slowly revolving fund of life ).

No but appetite may be.

Are we playing Russian roulette?

It is not what we need that is significant, but that we feel we need more than actually we do require to comfortably survive. (without losing biological diversity, carrying capacity, or increasing pollution.)

Medicinal plants come from certain, particular landscapes.

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