Core is an acronym standing for the four different parts of any course, but can be use to approach any subject you present verbally or to any written assignment.

That is because the acronym stands for four steps in the comprehensive understanding of new subjects. This may apply to reading analytically, writing essays, taking careful notes, doing research papers or making oral presentations.


  1. C is for Clarify
  2.  O is for Organize
  3.  R is for Reflect
  4.  E is for Evaluate


These four steps relate to Bloom's taxonomy on what knowing consists of and that is translation, application, analysis, synthesis, and assessment of what is certain.



 actions required
 to make certain
 take notes, write
 to orderly arrange
 make charts, outlines
 to think about again
 research & rewrite
 to determine importance
 select criteria & compare
Four steps in presenting material, ideas and thoughts as concepts.

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