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"Coal-fired power plants are a major source of CO2 . But . . . other problems the plants pose. . . . Coal combustion releases chromium and arsenic (carcinogens), lead and mercury (neurotoxins), and dioxins and furans (endocrine disruptors)."

Gideon Forman, Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment.

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Article on mitigation and adaptation. Encyclopedia of Earth

Michael Mann, "False Hope," Scientific American 2014.


Current spring peak reading at Mauna Loa for atmospheric Carbon Dioxide levels is 401.85 ppm, or parts per million.

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Fifth Assessment report | Fourth Assessment report

Capacity is often hard to see because reality masks the clues.


This photograph was taken at Biosphere2 near Oracle, Arizona where experiments on the reactions of plants to a carbon dioxide enriched atmosphere were conducted in the 1990s, by then owner Columbia University. The original project was to allow people to live in a self contained and auto-sustaining environs.

Biosphere II, Tucson, Arizona: J. Siry, January 8, 2000.

The Biosphere 2 experiment failed due to a rapid accumulation of carbon dioxide and decreasingly low levels of oxygen. Because the facility was sealed to simulate conditions in space no exchange with Earth's oxygen rich atmosphere was taking place. Over time the level of oxygen dropped even though plants in the facility generated oxygen for photosynthesis.

In hindsight the problem was the rapid removal of oxygen from the biosphere chamber because the concrete was still drying and oxidizing as it dried and hardened. That means the concrete was combining with the available oxygen in the facility and robbing the occupants of the oxygen they required to breathe.

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Gideon Forman, Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment."Carbon Sequestration; Letters." Scientific American, March 2014, p. 8.

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