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Real world here means authentic, or the actual material conditions of existence that enable us to examine and explain our surroundings. The implication is that some descriptions of nature are more reliable than other descriptions.

Is there a hierarchy with respect to how well to know something?




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Images, The mind's evocative power to create, render or envision that which cannot be sensed.

ice ageledgesice age

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Concepts to assist us in accurately comprehending our seeing reality


earth looking into worldview
Umwelt Mitwelt Eigenwelt

Gestalt psychology


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Visual ways to learn




A dose of cognitive dissonance. book


recycle Ecology, of natural areas explained by Eugene Odum.

learn humming bird Evolution, explained by Ernst Mayr and Richard Dawkins.

learn On the Origin of Species, notes on Charles Darwin's primary document.

learnrain A Country of Illusion, about climatic conditions in America's west.

learn Diversity and E. O. Wilson.

learnPyramids as models.






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eyes Unseen worlds atom


face Real versus ideal atoms

book images can reveal or deceive, like words they may disclose or obscure actual events.



Knowing our Earth well.
In the beginning . . .  
  fund worldviews reveal old ideas are hard to shake off.
  world weltanschauung Geologically speaking "The motion of plates is slow over the pace of our lifetimes, but over geological time it can be cataclysmic This dance of the plates takes several major steps."
    Neil Shubin, Universe, p. 115.
  world evolves

worlds eventually come and go "Plates can move against one another. As they rub, the plates experience earthquakes, . . . some plates smash into each other. When the plates are continents , this collision results in new mountain ranges."

    Shubin, pp. 115-116.

worldview: seven steps to appreciating past beliefs about nature. "Plate tectonics reveals connections everywhere."

    Shubin, p. 116.
  blackhole "This blast is one kind of supernova. . . . Supernovae work something like . . . fusion reaction. . . . The energy of one explosion brings new kinds of fusion reactions. Supernovae release so much energy that . . . . All the elements heavier than iron, such as cobalt and cesium in our bodies derive from supernovae."
    Shubin, p. 33.

Synthesis – putting it back together.




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How do we learn?
What does learning involve?
Learning involves a mastery
Behavioral approaches to learning.
We all learn so differently from one another.\


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