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Effective Restoration of Indigenous Ecosystems:

salmonEfforts will be planned to regenerate wild populations of local indigenous, threatened, and endangered species and to re-colonize degraded areas of important watersheds.

With conservation management, spawning and nursery habitats along important watersheds, we hope to support larger populations of endangered species of salmon, trout, and steelhead.

Research and Development:

Ahimsa will seek to broaden relations with local conservation efforts and will seek to extensively collaborate with the community and local universities in research studies.

To Establish and Maintain a plant nursery and seed bank:
To Establish and Maintain a Hatchery/Spawning Nursery for Fish and

Please contact Ahimsa International for more information on how you can help save the Redwood Forests.



The quality of the Pacific northwestern' forests diversity is tied intimately with this annual return of the salmon; because the fish when eaten by bears, birds of prey or other animals are left to rot in along the streams, beside the shore and among the forest trees. That decomposition of the fish is an important nutritive source since these discarded fish carcasses are providing sufficient nitrogen to allow trees to grow, in a healthy and enduring manner.


Design With Nature by Ian McHarg on the importance of processes in making places flourish.