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The relation of Design with Nature to the ecological planning method of identifying competing values.

"Each year I confront a new generation. . . . The audience, in common with western society at large, believes that the world, if not the universe, consists of a dialogue between men . . . . Nature is then an irrelevant backdrop to the human play called Progress or Profit. If nature is brought to the foreground, it is only to be conquered – man versus nature.

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Steps in site identification:

Landscape Values

Ecological conceptions

Ecological Design

Ecological Planning Method, McHarg's model.

Schematic drawing of a model of human relations




"if we can create the humane city... then the choice will be between two excellences, each indispensable, each different, both complementary, both life enhancing . . . humans in nature."

Ian McHarg, p. 2

The world is a abundant, we require only a deference born of understanding to fulfill man’s promise. . . . He must become the steward of the biosphere. To do this he must design with nature.

page 5.

Vermeer's landscape painting of Delft, Netherlands