The US is a coastal nation with over 12,000 miles of coastline.

Sea level rise with direct and indirect impacts on the seashores

FloridaWith 53% of all Americans living in and around coastal cities and towns, it is important to understand the impact of climate-induced sea level rise on our nation. Previous studies have focused on a six-meter rise. The following study takes a more conservative approach, beginning with a sea level rise of just one meter.

An example of recent storm surge.

Sea level in the future.


What can happen to your vicinity as the ice caps and glaciers melt?

The coastal changes at one, three, six, nine, and twelve meter increases in sea levels


Direct impacts

Home destroyed by coastal storm surges on an eroding beach; unprotected by barrier dunes.


Horseshoe crab, coastal species that also needs the shore to breed, are indicators of a healthy quality of ecological integrity.


Indirect: an abnormal or inordinate level of pollution (non-point sources) damaging coastal resources.


Restoration is needed due to hazardous algal blooms as indicators of pollution.

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coastal natural areas

assessing coastal values, a table

Steps to take when designing any uses of land and water