Getting to home plate

with global warming driven abrupt climate change


Tomorrow's climate is today's decision.


Where Climate Chaos' frontline's are:

Baseball Diamond metaphor
Implementing mitigation & adaptive techniques

one wedge at a time

  First        Third  
  the Science    Policies  
cautious skepticism
Germany,  U. K., California
  line   line  
  "how a scientific concept may correspond to ultimate reality."  
           Spencer Weart  


Key elements in this puzzle of paralysis by analysis.

Understanding population

Comprehending Energy


Seeing the Dilemma






First Base

            Schmidt, human induced climate change is unequivocal

            Archer, the prolonged impacts of carbon dioxide last for generations


Second Base

            Ocean acidification, isotope evidence,

Speed of glacial melt, the unpredictable and volatile weather patterns


Third Base

            Efficiency incentives in transportation, building, machinery & production

            Closing the circle by cradle to grave production, packaging & reuse

            HOV – lanes – success of failure in moving people?

            Should public transportation be “free” based on a carbon footprint

            Utility wealth transfer to both the vulnerable and implementing sectors

                        California utilities are not paid for every kilowatt used and sold to customers;

Instead the utilities, by law. are paid by what energy conservation they actively encourage.


            How to reduce carbon emissions quickly and sufficienty enough to matter.

Amortizing carbon (making carbon dioxide a commercial investment) via

                                    A) carbon taxes, or

                                    B) a carbon cap and trade system, –This has been criticized as unjust.

                                    C) Earth/Air commons; privatizing the commons project

Or is such a scheme making money out of an international consequence of unregulated industrial pollution?

Regulatory uncertainty:

    1. perverse incentives
    2. agency capture
    3. and forms of incentivized desicionmaking (bribery) all contribute

Current uneven playing field of subsidies to oil, coal, nuclear, and gas.


We are walking backwards into a trap of our own making.


Ehrlich to compare.

Wilson | Hardin | Orr | Leopold | McHarg | Miller | Myers