Research essay for the history of technology: tools of toil.

Select (circle) one category into which your research area fits:

Architecture, Engineering, Health, Machinery, Telecommunications, Transportation, Robotics and A. I. (Artificial Intelligence), Materials science, Other_________________________ (describe the subject).

Suggested structure:

What -- When -- Where -- How -- Who

1. The technology I am researching includes:

1.1 the related tool complex, its materials, uses, and influence.

1.2 the organizational facet of technical production and deployment.

1.3 the "ideo-technical" facet or cultural influences and affects on imaginary, artistic and literary forms.

2.This report will be emphasizing (Theme or themes):

For example.

To follow a particular theme -- see this page: impacts of technology.

3. The technical elements and techniques you are describing was important (dates) from:


4. The key inventions began here: __________________________________

and spread to __________________________, by____________________.

(dates of the period and transfer time)

5.1 Technically speaking essential ingredients of this technical system are:

5.2 the principal means by which the pieces of this technology works should be described. This can be done literally or conceptually using these broad concepts that represent different functional parts of a structure we call machines: (see Bateson, web sites).

Fuel (source of power)

Ignition (creates the momentum)

Flywheel (driving feature --keeps momentum consistent)

Governor (regulates the performance)

6. Key inventions:

6.1 inventors:

6.2 origin and diffusion:

7. The authors are related in what specific senses:







8. Summary of what you are looking for (verbally present the summary of your findings at the final exam period, in five minutes.).


The Two Cultures

Pursell | Pacey–World | Postman | Head | Tenner |Pacey–meaning| Eberhart | Snow | Kaku | Boulding | Delillo | Kranzberg

| Postman–Tech | Postman–Television |

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