Are culture and ethnicity twin horses on the cart that carries your our identity?

Is the term Latino for Latin American a cultural or an ethnic label?

How do the connotations of Hispanic and Irish differ with respect to culture and ethnic background?

Words Culture Ethnic
etymology Latin, cultus, cult: to grow or respect Greek, eqnos, heathen nations
earliest references:
1420. tilling the soil for growing food 1470. Bible: gentile, pagan, heathen
1483. reverential homage, to revere 1664. non-Judeo Christians
1510. education or training 1884. referring to a race or nation
implications, inferences:
inclusive, respectful exclusive, demeaning

Select references from several chapters in Octavio Paz and give examples of each of these two related, but distinct concepts:





Ten ecological commandments

Note: despite the persistence of people to identify "racial characteristics," there is only one human race. Biologically speaking race means the capacity or ability of any two members of a representative population to produce viable offspring.


Combining concepts
meaning origins and genetic descent meaning the environment, conditions
Culture altered land areas language,
Ethnicity blood type, food preparation

Because the terms may overlap, place examples from the texts into the appropriate square above that is closest to the meaning of these terms and the habit, trait, or behavior the authors are describing.

What is a cultural hearth?

More about ideas and concepts and how to use them.

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