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ucy The Dominant Animal: Human Evolution and the Environment

Anne H.  and Paul R. Ehrlich


What is our human duty?

Her plight is indeed all our plight.



16 Chapters

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1       Darwin and MendelŐs legacy

2       The Tangled Bank

3       Our Distant Past

4       Of Genes and Culture

5       Cultural evolution – How we relate to one another

6       Perception Evolution and Beliefs

7       Ups and downs of Population

8       History as Cultural Evolution

9       Cycles of Life

10     Ecosystems and Human Domination

11     Consumption and its Costs

12     New Imperative

13     Altering the Global Atmosphere

14     Energy: Are we Running Out?

15     Saving our Natural Capital

16     Governance: Tackling the Unanticipated Consequences

Trees in a forest.

Natural capital



The Imperiled Planet

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Monkey in the Mirror

measure of ecosystem services.

The Imperiled Planet | The Dominant Animal | Storm Over the Amazon | The Tragedy of the Commons | The Web of Life

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