The Dominant Animal: Human Evolution and the Environment


  Anne H.  and Paul R. Ehrlich

Table of Contents


16 Chapters


  1. Darwin and Mendel's legacy
  2. The Tangled Bank
  3. Our Distant Past
  4. Of Genes and Culture
  5. Cultural evolution – How we relate to one another
  6. Perception Evolution and Beliefs
  7. Ups and downs of Population
  8. History as Cultural Evolution
  9. Cycles of Life
  10. Ecosystems and Human Domination
  11. Consumption and its Costs
  12. New Imperative
  13. Altering the Global Atmosphere
  14. Energy: Are we Running Out?
  15. Saving our Natural Capital
  16. Governance: Tackling the Unanticipated Consequences

  Dominant Animal; two figures:

Fig-1- Rates of change differ in five contexts.

Fig-2- A partnership not a contest.

Trees analogy


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The Imperiled Planet