All events are free, only humans are in bondage.
Type of word venue time-frame
Social French, an amassing of individuals places current
Justice Latin from Greek, jus - ruling, fair prescriptive ancient
Ecology based on Greek root oikios, homestead native 1850s-60s
Ecojustice compound of two related terms global 1990s
Culture from cult: to attend ritually to habits norms 18th century
Reform to restore, bring back, thus to create social 17th century
human ecology & education


Ecojustice, using examples from readings and forums.


Andrew Dobson, ecological citizens

What is Eco-Justice?


Is that expression of social justice marked by the following indicators that signal discrimination:

1. the matter involves one or more commons or common property resources.
2. those commonly held sources of wealth and well-being are degraded, destroyed, damaged.
3. the repair costs of those impacts are not shared proportionately
4. there persists an unequal burden in that the benefits accrue to those little or substantially less affected by the actions that degrade, destroy, damage, or marginalizes others.
5. the traditional notions of fairness, equity, and responsibility are to some small or great extent suppressed.

Status quo
Those who bear the disproportionate burdens are not those who reap the rewards of the existing situation.


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