Structure for an Essay

A. A Problem is stated as a thesis

B. Three varieties of problems

1.  creeping injustice (unseen, unsensed, unknown even), or ignorance.

2.      media, itself, (how to best communicate ideas) is a problem

3.            surface communication is bereft of sufficient content to motivate people to action

C. The problem is like (simile) or metaphorically resembles:

1. metaphor

2. antonyms

D. Define the argument's important terms and use them correctly.

1. Analogy – a is to B as C is to D – Aristotle used this form of syllogism as a basis for rational thinking. So its use in discourse is essential.

2. Define all key terms:

a) Literal

b) Figurative

E. MEDIA -- is the means used to communicate your ideas.

F. writing from texts.

In terms of Rose, only those with reliable incomes can afford to access media:
                        Cell phone service costs what rent for apartments used to cost.
                        Computers are an easy $1000 with all the peripheral hardware & software.
                        Electricity can run $50 to &150 per month in some places.
                                          20% of institutional electrical costs are “plug-ins”
                        Radio access costs less than TV, Television less than computers.
                        Film is a costly form of infotainment -- $8-$12 per showing.
                        Legitimate theatres can fun from $45-150 per performance.

booksIn terms of Postman– see web site –discourse in America is trumped by imagery.

In terms of Sontag– what we see, is rarely what we get—and art, photographs, film and drawings require more, not less of our time, to process the emotive with the visual intellect.



Justice and fairness may be expressions of the human heart and mind that demand a more personal and extended form of conversation than we are capable of because non-personal forms of communication burden us with limited attention span, competing matters of detail and persistence of overwhelming duties.


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