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Real world here means the actual material conditions of existence that enable us to examine and explain our surroundings. The implication is that some descriptions of nature are more reliable than other descriptions.

Is there a hierarchy with respect to how well to know something?




Images, The mind's evocative power to create, render or envision that which cannot be sensed.

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Subjects to assist us in accurately comprehending our seeing reality


Visual ways to learn

A dose of cognitive dissonance. book

recycleEcology, of natural areas explained by Eugene Odum.

learn Evolution, explained by Ernst Mayr and Richard Dawkins.

learn On the Origin of Species, notes on Charles Darwin's primary document.

learn A Country of Illusion, about climatic conditions in America's west.

learn Diversity and E. O. Wilson.

learnPyramids as models.



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eyes Unseen worlds


face Real versus ideal


world weltanschauung

world evolves worldview: seven steps to appreciating past beliefs about nature


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