If you could change one thing about the coastal zone and islands in the marine-fresh water meeting areas what would that be?





Barrier Islands

Coastal Ecology


Ecological capacities

Nature Along the Coast

Notes from the edges

Design is an intentional shaping for a purpose

Ecological design


Can we live in an ecological manner? Ecolate living.

We are the foundations of our own minds, attitudes, behaviors and actions.

Perchance to dream ...

Ecolate is a word derived from literate and numerate and hence the "ate" suffix and ecological systems that inform both design and thinking, hence the prefix "Eco."


grammar root word or radis derivation
prefix eco- Greek for household "Oikos"
suffix -ate the capacity to express



The ecolate dream combines ecological thought and the principles of ecology with and ecological imagination to improve what we can improve and augment within natural restraints the things we cannot achieve alone. We are the stewards of a vastly complex, evolving and adaptive system that ultimately reuses and thus erases all but a few traces of what exists as hints of what at onetime thrived in the immense universe.

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