" I have tried to interpret the shore in terms of that essential unity that binds life on earth."


Crason at work  
"...a series of recollections of places that have stirred me deeply."

The Edge of the Sea


    1. The Marginal World
    2. Patterns of Shore Life
    3. The Rocky Shores
    4. The Rim of Sand
    5. The Coral Coast
    6. The Enduring Sea
Rachel Carson at work.  

The microscope as much as any scientific instrument opened up a huge gap in our understanding of life, the earth, and molecules. That intellectual gulf was filled in by a rush of unexpected and completely new knowledge about the structure of things, the consistency of living creatures and the hidden mechanisms of new species such as cells, mitochondria, chromosomes and proteins.

Bob Hines, the illustrator and naturalist who worked with Ms. Carson in her many books on the oceans and their shores, commented that she had a habit of picking up creatures from the shoreline and after examining them and Mr. Hines having drawn them, she would carefully place them back where she had discovered their dwellings, returning them to the conditions in which they previously thrived.


Coasts form patterns

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