"The contentious nature - versus - nurture debate:"


Kaersage"There is no gene-controlled inheritable trait that cannot be altered by the environment. Similarly, the genetic makeup of the organism can overcome the influence of the environment. Each factor can affect and alter the other.


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Humans enter the world as a work in progress. In some cases, the culture or environment into which the a person is born more strongly determines his or her responses to the vagaries of life, and sometimes responses are more influenced by the genes he or she has inherited. Nature / nurture is not an either or duality but, rather, represents a 'both / and' type of complementarity."


Leonard Shlain, M.D., Sex, Time and Power, p. xvi


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What evidence in your chapter supports or elucidates the alleged complementary affects of hard and soft inheritance?


Mayr on soft inheritance.

Keller, Chapter Three

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