What is smart, if machines can think?
visual cortex
  The world's most expressive robot is at MIT and the name is Leonardo
Artifical Intelligence


is called AI

Assumptions about Intelligence in AI can help us understand ways to "facilitate learning."

Essences of Human Intelligence


Social Interaction



"humans are vastly complex systems"

"elements are essential to human intelligence and that they actually simplify the problem of creating human-like intelligence."

"in normal tasks, humans tend to minimize their internal representation of the world."

"humans do not build an internal model of the entire visible scene."

"there are mutiple internal representations, which are not mutually consistent."

"there are multiple independent control systems, rather than a single monolithic one."

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"Perhaps the most obvious and most overlooked aspect of human intelligence is that it is emodied, Humans are embedded in a complex, noisy, constantly changing environment.

"Direct physical coupling between action and perception, without the need for intermediary representation."

"grounded in sensory-motor interaction with the world."

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"Humans are not born with complete reasoning systems, complete motor systems, or even complete motor systems."

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"Human infants are extremely dependent on their caregivers, relying on them not only for basic necessities but also as a guide to their development."

"Autistic children often appear completely normal on first examination....However, their behavior is completely strange to us, in part because they do not recognize or respond to normal social cues. They do not maintain eye contact, recognize pointing gestures, or unbderstand simple social conventions."


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"Humans have the capability to receive an enormous amount of infromation from the world. Visual, auditory, somatosensory, and olfactory cues are all processed simultaneously to provide us with our view of the world."

sensory modalities are not independent ; stimuli from one modality can and do influence the perception of stimuli in another modality."

auditory stimuli can "cause illusory visual motion."

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"We believe that gradually increasing the complexity of the environment makes learning easier and more robust."

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