Murray Gell-Mann; theoretical physicist at California Institute of Technology

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"There would seem to be an enormous gap between fundamental physics and… the evolution of terrestrial life and human culture." (8)

"…moreover, they deal with history and with the kind of evolution undergone by biological species or human languages or cultures."

Quantum table

"the fundamental quantum mechanical laws of physics really do give rise to individuality."


atom atoms emission burst
Four ways to visualize the invisible atoms

"What distinguishes complex adaptive systems, which undergo processes like learning and biological evolution, from evolving systems (such as galaxies and stars) that are non adaptive?"

joshua tree

Joshua tree, a type of yucca plant, dominates arid terrains forming a complex adaptive system called an ecological system.


Quantum reality | Quark and the Jaguar

The Quark and the Jaguar

inorganic evolution
organic coevolution
"the quark symbolizes "The jaguar
the simple basic physical laws that govern the universe and all the matter in it."   stands for the complexity of the world around us…"
Feynman, Meaning of it All. Wilson, Diversity of Life.



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