Necessary opposites.
Examples in physics, history, argumentation, and methods.
dialectical methods of argument.
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Heisenberg's   Einstein's
Uncertainty Principle   Relativity Theory
Examining dialectical approaches to scientific methods in physics.  


A microcosm of uncertainty and macrocosm of gravity waves.

"in many ways, these two theories appear to be opposites. General relativity concerns the cosmic motions of galaxies and the universe, while quantum mechanics probes the subatomic world.

Michio Kaku, Beyond Einstein, p. 37.


history | examples | steps | analysis | defining dialectic | concluding lesson


Examining dialectical investigative methods in history.

"It is an old idea that the more pointedly and logically we formulate a thesis, the more irresistibly it cries out for its antithesis."

Hermann Hesse, Magister Ludi.

When making an argument you need a convincing approach. Using two different means to evaluate, cross examine or analytically test evidence is a good means of determining the veracity of material you are finding.

lillyWhen using archival materials, documents, pictures, maps or scientific evidence before applying some means to test the factual evidence derived from these sources consider the following steps: