What is the planet you inhabit like?

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The Earth, terra cognita *; or is it far more complex than we realize that it is?

A: More than we know.

B: Confusing because it changes periodically.

C: More than we can know.

D: I had better know, because I impact the earth.


[ meaning: the known terrain, from "terra incognita" or the unknown places. ]


Images no one had ever been able to see.
earth from the moond Fred Hoyle sadi
Earthrise from behind the moon,
this view only became possible after 1967.
 Fred Hoyle Quotation in 1948.



What do we mean by the third planet?

Armillary sphere from the Vatican Museum

An armillary sphere from the Vatican Museum is an instrument that has rings that show the heavens and the Earth as if our rotating planet were the focus of star movements. This was done in order to more precisely determine celestial objects in relation to the horizon and the seasons and thus create a more accurate calendar.



Possible answers about the future.

Glacier Nationl Park



A: More than we know.

There is more to the Earth than meets the eye:



Seasonal variation.

The relation of the earth to the sun determines our experiences associated with seasonal variation


Notice how the planets move with respect to one another and the Earth's position.

Apparent motion o fthe planets

The apparent motion of the planets seen from the Earth over time.


More than we can know, the universe is far too complex to ever understand.


Space-time is the term Einstein used to depict the cosmos, this schematic diagram may convey how and to what extent time and space are actually the same thing: spacetime.


Has the Earth nowhere else to move given the sun's gravitational bending of spacetime?




Is the Earth's future in your hands?           possible answers.


A. positively yes

B. No way

C. I du'no'? (I do not know enough to tell either way).


Possible answers:       A),    B),    C)












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From above, fill in these blanks:


Your answer. A better, or correct answer?








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