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Themes: accumulating complexes | deceptively simple | a sensory transformer

"She viewed technology as a means of communication as well as the material is everything we have come to know."

"Technology as a medium and a pervasive organizer of society often defies definition...due to the ultimate both [its] structure and in the...ways it affects our lives."

"Technology is complicated in one sense...because it is not only the study of technical devices which change the circumstances of our lives, but also because it affects us on a cultural, organizational, and personal level."

"Pacey’s Dimensions help divide technology’s complexities into smaller groups of similar functions. His facets allow us to reveal a deeper sense of what technology really is and what it is made of."

For more see Three faces of tools.

"Technology builds upon itself and our dependence on technology has been ingrained in our society for so many years; it affects how culture, politics and economics have evolved because [of] certain advancements such as tools and ideas."

"...there are two choices when it comes to using technology. One is becoming swallowed by ignorance...of how embedded and influential technology has become in...existence. The other is to...understand the links and interconnectedness of technology and the tools that have changed the courses of history."

"Technology is knowledge that is organized to fulfill practical endeavors, through tasks that are not limited to physical objects, but can be ideas as well."

"All in all, technology as seen here [by most people] has a little more substance than what many people may see on the surface....Music is...involved in the advancement of technology [for example], [because] music [is] a source of technology."

"There are everyday objects that humans see as simple because they have the ability to operate them but really most everything we use today is complex."

"Technology is extremely complex....We organize our lives around it....It excites us, it frustrates us,it helps us solve problems and it [simultaneously]...creates new ones."

"Technology is also something that our lives are organized around....Language is by far the most impressive technology I have ever encountered. It is absolutely mind blowing that someone was able to put a meaning to certain sounds and symbols, and then teach it to the entire world."

"Technology can also create new problems in a society...."

"Technology is complex because it shapes the way we view our surroundings and those perceptions are always shifting due to new technology or new-insights,"

For example:

American society is so heavily dependent upon the automobile that without it our civilization would be nothing more than a vague shadow of what it is today. (Add Pursell #1). However, to a person living in a remote village in the middle of the jungle somewhere, the automobile is hardly of any concern, perhaps even unknown entirely.

"In a nutshell, the change the advancement of technology has brought during the last century has resulted in a generation of people too overwhelmed to adapt to the new benefits of the latest in technologies."

"In order for a person to be considered successful in life is to be the best he can be but making money is heavily stressed. This notion implanted into our brains via the television, is yet another example of how technology has changed the way in which we conduct our life."


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