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New Material New Decade –21 June 2013 @ 3:19 PM

The Niels Bohr's draft letter 1957 to Werner Heisenberg.

Abrupt Climate Change thresholds

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New nature index

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Top 36

    1. Air: carbon dioxide levels May 2013 hit 400 parts per million; a level never before witnessed by humans.
    2. American economy
    3. Ancient sources
      1. Egyptian scrolls
    4. Ancient medicine
    5. Anne Taylor Flemming re-interpreting the impact of 9/11
    6. Anomalies
    7. Atmospheric Science in the face of denial
    8. Bateson's laws
    9. Beyond the Tipping Point
    10. Biological game of life
    11. Biotic wealth
    12. Birds
    13. Bloom's taxonomy
    14. Bohr atom (model) discussed
    15. Cadillac Desert
    16. California Energy market: article on the cutting edge of reducing waste in delivering electricity
    17. Commission for Racial Justice
    18. Conservation, A new view
    19. Cultural slide
    20. Diamond, Jared on the qualites of a commons
    21. dimensions
    22. Documentary films
    23. Ecological citizenship
    24. Economy and recessions
    25. Ehrlich, The Dominant Animal
    26. Film Art, Bordwell
    27. Gardens
    28. Genes
    29. greenhouse gas problems
    30. Hawking and black holes
    31. Hawking on the Universe
    32. Hazrdous Algal Blooms
    33. India
    34. Isotopic evidence for human induced climate change
    35. landscape artists, American
    36. population pressures

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Media and NGOs

Land, labor, and wealth, the economic relations among

Seashore, artistic depictions

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Top 35

The Quark and the Jaguar.

Atoms | Bohr | Electromagnetism | Light quanta | Quantum biology | Quantum scale | Quantum Universe | Radiation is


Darwin Index learn nature index learn photograph index learn social science index learn technology index learn words index


Presenting information to people verbally.

Foreign Press | Gallery of Genes | Genes | Global Warming Index | Nature Index | Photographs | Population Index | Science Index | Site Analysis


Writing | Science index | Government | Ecology | Feedback | Museums | Technology

New nature index

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A final exam -- is like?

A State of the Union analysis of differences. (worldviews)

Adaptive Management

Advocating transformations education.

Advocacy the true costs and benefits of pollution-remission.

Advocacy and the Media as conscience of a Community.

Agile Gene, by Matt Ridley .

Alphabetical listing of pages on this site.

Antonyms -- a list of some really opposing views!

An Analysis of The Improbable World, by Neil Postman...

Any course -- how to survive and do well.

Artificial intelligence.

Assimilative and carrying capacity contrasted.

Attending class -- its value to you

Atmosphere and heat

Bachelard, Gaston on science


biology: changes in worldview concerning life sciences.

biological game of life is a very different view of nature.

Biological diversity explained in detail.

Body of knowledge (corpus), what is a "body of knowledge?"

Bronowski, Jacob; Science and Human Values, notes

Buffers, what are vegetational screens?


Carbon dioxide as a critical control element

Caribbean history, definition of the region

Caribbean a summary.

Caribbean study guide

Cartesian Coordinate System.html

Charette, what is it and how is it used?

Climate change, a guide to pages related to global warming, the issue examined and discussed.

Two million years of climate & Global Warming data

Comedians, The; a novel by Graham Greene set in Haiti

Common Ecological Problems, What precisely is one

Commons, what is a common property resource?

Complexity of nature and the biosphere.

Concepts explained and tied to essays


Conservation essay

Conservation as if economics matters.

Criteria, defining

Crosby, Alfred; The Columbian Exchange,

Crosby, themes and thesis

Cyber sex

Darwin index to all pages --on this site-- related to Darwin, Darwinism and the Darwinian revolution.

Darwin, Charles–the person

Darwinian Evolution

Darwinian revolution

Determining the verity, or veracity of knowledge.

Dialogue in technology and techniques

Distinguishing ideas from images.

Diversity, Edward O. Wilson on biological diversity as a measure of wealth.

Demographic index to related information on population.

Design, ecological principles of

Double Helix, by James Watson, notes

Dozen levels of material existence's organization

Earth's energy gain and loss


Bio dynamic aspects of ecology.

Ecolate living, what it means

Ecological biotic community: examined and defined

Ecological design elements

Ecological Problem, What precisely is one?

Ecological subjects connected at this location; three laws

Ecological Thought as it developed from 1700-1970

Ecology, definition, examples, commentary and links

Ecology used as a model of relations among integrated parts : Carolyn Merchant's idea of ecological revolutions as they impact and are influenced by a set of biological, economic, social, political and institutional relationships.


Ecosystem services -- the work done by nature, natural assets.

End of Nature, Bill McKibben

Environmental Issues explained



Externality defined

Feedback is defined and examples of how it is used in these pages is explained.

Five Scientific Revolutions

Florida's trees and their varieties are discussed.

Forests and the importance of forestry for the health of the world, human economies and the ecosystem is explored.

Galbraith on the Great Crash, 1929.


Genetics, topics on

Genetics the history of in brief

Global security and ecology, Kennedy and Dodd's conclusions

Government agencies that have an environmental regulatory, scientific research, or a biological monitoring role to play are listed here.

Hawking's theory, Stephen Hawking and The Theory of Everything.

Human Genome

Hydraulic society, water and its meaning for civilization.

Images and ideas.

Intelligence is described as a variety of educated responses to the world, people, places and things around you.

International, multi-national focus, access to international Press .

Islands in the Stream

Islands in the Stream course index


Labyrinth of Solitude, by Octavio Paz

Land and Technology, Arnold Pacey on Meaning

Land, what is it?


market defined

Markets illustrated

quality of markets

Marshes of the Ocean Shore, digest of key ideas.

matrix is a site that explains what a table or matrix is by demonstrating the use of a categorical framework within which to express your ideas comprehensively.

McHarg, Ian, his Book on Design with Nature

Measure, the veracity of statements is tested by these criteria

Mercury and ecological accounting in natural systems

Message, staying focused on a point in advocating a position.

Methods: these are two related pages that discuss, examine in some detail and diagram the means we have from distinguishing facts from opinions. See also certainty, science, and vocabulary.

Model here is a schematic diagram of ecological relationships in any place.

Modern humanity's search & its technological implications, Harvard-IBM study of motives in 1970s.

Natural assets.

Ockham's Razor, the importance of avoiding pleonasm in your writing!

On the Origin of Species, by Charles Darwin; notes on critical passages

Ostrom, Elinor on the commons problem

pattern. This is a site that discusses the underlying and more obvious patterns to look for in the world we inhabit.

Paz, Octavio, summary and interpretation

Problem Solving

Population momentum, discussed here in terms of what the ideas were about growth in 1966, remarks made in a Senate hearing on global population problems and some fanciful ideas on how to pay for growth.

Research Guide to other web sites for useful information

Research; reliable sources on on the internet for you to use.

Revolutions in science, meaning and worldview

Darwinian Revolution

Rollins Relief

Rules of ecology; simply stated

Scale and levels of organization in nature.

Science is defined and analyzed here as one of several linked pages. Science is not however technology, though they are related.

Science as a pyramid of how we know things

Science related topic index

Science, Revolutions in and ideas

Five Scientific Revolutions

Science texts, writing about the contemporary worldview

Survival kit for all classes.

Technology is discussed and examined as the means we have to solve the apparent difference between an existing and a desired state of affairs or conditions.

Technology is defined here as the application of knowledge to human affairs.

Temperature is rising on the Earth's surface

The Double Helix, by James Watson, notes

The Genetics related information index

Tools are the items used to identify and understand the power of technology and the techniques we use. Some synonyms for tools are: apparatus, devices, gadgets, implements, instruments, machinery, materials, robots.

Uncertainty in science, a valued role to play

USA map of the country from a satellite image (mosaic) taken in 1990 from the USGS.

Value defined

values with respect to land

Verity, or veracity, Determining the reliability of information.

Virginia, Natural Bridge

Water & hydraulics, their role in sustaining life & civilization

What precisely is an Ecological Problem ?



When writing, there are 4 things to always consider

Writing Criteria: listed as a form for your to review

Writing, or Free writing in class

Writing about Science as a means to measure your critical thinking.

Words; the importance of accurate expression and the appropriate choice of terms is examined here. Eight of the most important terms for my courses are defined here, as well as on other pages.

Worldview is discussed and analyzed at some length and a detailed discussion of ignorance and certainty as these ideas relate to knowledge, use of evidence and specific lessons is at this site.

Worldview, changes in the Life Sciences, (1859)

Worldviews are simply described here as ways of knowing our mistakes.

X Chromosome


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Top 35

Technology index learn landscape index learn words index learn photograph index

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