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Recent additions


What is Wahhabism?

World-wide web of Words

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Global Warming and Newest findings



Camille Saint SaŽns' Concerto Number 3 in B minor; first movement.

A Guide to Pacific Ocean Tides

Arbors: Trees of Laguna Woods and Orange County, Southern California

Are Animals clues; telling us how alive we are?

America's deception; Dean Baker on the economy

California's energy-utility market

Christopher Potter on the Quantum-multiverse

Albert Einstein's life and times

Einstein's insights

Einstein's new cosmos

Edward O. Wilson's warning
Diversity is our common treasure; Wilson

How the earth is quite a rare place

Loss of democratic heritage

The Great South Sea's Bubble

The universe is deceptive

When did it happen ?

What is writing & literature ?

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International News Media US National News
Solutions for Abrupt Climate Change
brief review


Climate change & National Defense

Boston's Logan Airpot

Logan airport's solar electricity generating panels – ways to combat ignorance about climate change.

Accounting for nature's value

Ahimsa related to ecology today

Brain development

Bronowski's insights




Environmental Law lecture

Evolution is a fact of life

Hydraulic technology


The territorial size of the world's biggest nations

size matters

Solar energy

Statistics about planet Earth


More new material


Cuba in 2012

Trinidad, Cuba, 2012


learn Luna B. Leopold -- Water Ethics learn


Global climate change due to human pollution is real.

Increasing rates of glacial retreat.


Trompe l'oeil


Ancient Greek and Roman sources

Future of continental drift–100 to 250 million years from now.

Spirit (Genii loci) of a place.

E is equal to mass times the speed of light squared.

Endocrine mimicry and disruption

Environmental literacy.

Next, Older additions.



William Faulkner's The Bear.

caveatThe concept of causation is challenged by:

  1. The Bohr atom
  2. The Brain's language
  3. Quantum insights

Open Space of Democracy

Emerson's Journal entry of 1842.



America portrayed as an Eden.



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The Quark and the Jaguar.

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Thos section is being developed

Climate Change conundrum

optmality, defined

Search for Solutions

The Bourgeois Virtues

The Dominant Animal

Faustian bargain

Impressive writing as discourse

nihilism, warning against

preserving wetlands

What is a story?



The Earth's properties discussed as a concept map

Dean Baker, on the economy.

Shocking rise in food prices.

John Kenneth Galbraith, on the Great Crash or 1929.

Living Within Limits.

Murray Gell-Mann.

The Darwinian worldview.

defining justice.

Caribbean gods.



Aristotle's four causes.

The material cosmos.

William Greider, Come Home, America.

George Lakoff, The Political Mind.

Gaston Bacelard's paradox of sciences

Salmon and rivers; an interdependent cycle of renewal

False perspective and illusions



On the Pont Neuf, Paris, 2009.


- 2007-09

Economy and recessions

Privatizing your water

Learning as a pyramid of steps to knowing

Farm workers

Media and NGOs


What is a thesis statement?

Defining productivity

Technology index learn landscape index learn social science index learn words index learn photograph index learn Science index

Presenting information to people verbally.

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Hot new sites:


Advocating transformative education: Rollins Relief

Brain areas and their genetic activation sites,



Darwin on line,

The Darwinian Revolution

Notes on the Origin of Species (1859)


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The Quark and the Jaguar.

Atoms | Bohr | Electromagnetism | Light quanta | Quantum biology | Quantum scale | Quantum Universe | Radiation is


caveat This section of this page is under construction



Historical American Songs

Buffalo Gal's, from the Mohawk Valley, in Minstrel shows

In the Bright Mohawk Valley

Turkey in the Straw, 1834

Woodman Spare that Tree, 1837 (melody) 1834 poem

Mary of the wild moors, Wisconsin & the Ozark Mountains

Old Nellie Grey, 1856: musical equivalent of Uncle Tom's Cabin

The Gary Owen, Civil War and the Plains Indian Wars

The Levee worker's song - Railroad song, or the Eyes of Texas

Shenandoah, unknown possibly 1820s

Antonin Dvorak's 1892 arrived in NYC, The New World Symphony (1893)

Scott Joplin,

Charles Ives

W. C. Handy, father of the "blues"

George Gershwin, Rhapsody in Blue< face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">, Leonard Bernstein plays piano

Aaron Copeland: Appalachian Spring

Aaron Copeland: Fanfare for the Common Man

Ferde Grofé: The Grand Canyon Suite, November 22, 1931.

Queen High Medley -- player piano


The interactive maps of the North America,

The Maven's words of the Day!

You Tube


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Thos section is being developed

my book: overview, guide

Darwin | hot stuff | music | New home base | search the site | social sciences | Words & terms index | writing


The Quark and the Jaguar.

Atoms | Bohr | Electromagnetism | Light quanta | Quantum biology | Quantum scale | Quantum Universe | Radiation is


A State of the Union analysis of differences. (worldviews)
ABCs of Diversity
Adaptive Management
Additional new web sites at this URL.
Advanced vocabulary for technology and science
Advocacy the true costs and benefits of pollution-remission.
Alphabetical listing of pages on this site.
An island planning map
Archie Carr, A Florida Naturalist
Argument, One Long, Ernst Mayr
Assimilative capacity, as opposed to carrying capacity
Attending class -- its value to you

Back Bay, Boston
Biodynamic aspects of ecology.
Biological diversity explained in detail.
biological game of life is a very different view of nature. Because the biotic game is how and where existing life affects the future conditions of living communities.
Biology: changes in worldview concerning life sciences.
Biology, what is it?
Biophysical reality described
Body, or corpus of knowledge, description
Boston's Back Bay

Briefing points, or talking points
Bronowski, Jacob; Science and Human Values, notes
Buffers, what are vegetational screens?
Bush Administration, Robert F. Kennedy's critique of

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California Water Case: The Klamath River
Carbon dioxide as a critical control element
Carbon, the central importance of
Caribbean a summary.
Caribbean History -- Nature, Place and Peoples (guide)
Caribbean history, definition of the region
Caribbean Environomental History, study guide
Caribbean, contemporary voices speaking about the Antilles
Carrying capacity compared to assimilative capacity
Carrying capacity
Carter, President's comments on the Nobel Peace Prize
Carter's comments compared to Governor Whitman, on the environment
Charette, what is the purpose of a design process; what is it and how is it used?

Civil Disobedience
Civilization and the Biosphere, Vaclav Smil's ideas
Clean-up Costs, the hidden expenses of ecological services
Climate change, a guide to pages related to global warming, the issue examined and discussed.
Columbian Exchange, themes

Comedians, The; a novel by Graham Greene set in Haiti
Compass and the Gyroscope, Kai Lee
Complexity of nature and the biosphere
Concepts explained and tied to essays

Cosmic architecture.
Creation as a story of time
Crimes Against Nature, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Criteria, defining
Critical thinking described
Crosby, Alfred, The Columbian Exchange, themes and thesis
Culture and Imperialism, Eric Said, defines culture

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Darwin the person, Charles Robert Darwin
Darwinian Evolution or as a revolution in ideas about life's origins or development
Darwinian Revolution 1859-1871
Darwinian synthesis
Define Global Warming (climate change)
Demographic index to related information on population.
Design matters of, social constraints
Design, ecological principles of
Design, dimensions of
Design, humans and dumb designs
Design, what to look for in
Determining the verity, or veracity of knowledge.
Dialogue in technology and techniques

Dimensions, unseen
Dimensions, the fifth and fourth dimensions
Dimensions, Hyperspace
Distinguishing ideas from images.
Diversity, Edward O. Wilson on biological diversity as a measure of wealth.
Double Helix, The: James Watson's book.
Dozen levels of material existence's organization

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E. O. Wilson, The Future of Life
Ecolate living, what it means
Ecological biotic community: examined and defined
Ecological Design, elements of
Ecological integrity
Ecological problems, what are they?
Ecological Problem Solving
Ecological subjects connected at this location; three laws
Ecological Thought, development of 1850-1975
Ecological values and landscape
Ecological versus economic values
Ecology used as a model of relations among integrated parts : Carolyn Merchant's idea of ecological revolutions as they impact and are influenced by a set of biological, economic, social, political and institutional relationships.
Ecology, definition of criteria for thinking
Edge of the Sea, an essay on Rachel Carson's book
Einstein's importance
Electromagnetic Spectrum
End of Nature, Bill McKibben

Energy an ecological approach
Environmental Planning criteria
Evaluating designs; What to look for in a good design?
Evidence, most recent, on global warming
Exchange is a node for other important links on this site.
Externality defined
Externality, explaining true cost accounting

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Feedback is defined and examples of how it is used in my classes, explained.
Five Scientific Revolutions
Fla. Congressional delegation list for 2004
Florida Land types
Florida Trees listed; Florida's trees and their varieties are discussed.
Forests and the importance of forestry for the health of the world, human economies and the ecosystem is explored.
Forests in the Antilles

Free writing, what is it?
French Revolution, consequences of

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Game theory, here is the place to consider the bio-game
Gardening, steps to
Gardens, importance of

Gell-Mann, Murray, discoverer of quarks
Genetics the history of in brief
Genetics, topics on (index of)
Global ecology, lessons of
Global population data compared
Global security and ecology, Kennedy and Dodds conclusions
Global Warming defined
Government agencies that have an environmental regulatory, scientific research, or a biological monitoring role to play are listed here at Government on the web guide, GovOnLine
Grade Scale, the used to Criteria interpret grades

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Haitian Revolution, 2004; 200th retrospective
Health of places, the Caribbean (Mintz) and Mexico (Paz; colonialism)
Human Ecology
Human Genome and DNA research
Hurricanes, size of
Hydraulic society, water and its meaning for civilization.

Ideal versus real -- comparisons
Images and ideas.
Intelligence is described as a variety of educated responses to the world, people, places and things around you.
Interviewing people
Island Character, suggestions for planning a barrier island
Islands in the Stream
Islands in the Stream, course indexKaku, Michio: author of Hyperspace
Kincaid, Jamaica author of A Small Place -- Antigua

Klamath River
Knowledge, a corpus or body of concepts

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Labyrinth of Solitude, by Octavio Paz (index)
Land and Technology, Arnold Pacey on Meaning
Land, what is it?
Landscape as altered by tools and technology.
Latin American perspective on USA & modernity, O. Paz
Life Sciences
Living Downstream, an ecologist looks at cancer
Lovelock's Gaia Hypothesis


Map, for planning a barrier island development
Marshes of the Ocean Shore, digest of key ideas.
matrix is a site that explains what a table or matrix is by demonstrating the use of a categorical framework within which to express your ideas comprehensively.
McHarg, Ian, Design with Nature
McHarg, his Book on Design with Nature
Measure, the veracity of statements is tested by these criteria
Mercury and ecological accounting in natural systems
Message, staying focused on a point in advocating a position.

Methods: these are two related pages that discuss,
examine in some detail and diagram the means we have from distinguishing facts from opinions. See also certainty, science, and vocabulary.
Model here is a schematic diagram of ecological relationships in any place

Modern search & its technological implications, Harvard-IBM study of human motives in 1970s.

Mumford, Lewis, The Brown Decades .

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Nature, Complexity of and the biological realm or sphere of life
Nature related ideas (index)
Nature writing

Nature's structural organization
Ockham's Razor, the importance of avoiding pleonasm in your writing!
On the Origin of Species, by Charles Darwin; notes on critical passages
One Long Argument, by Ernst Mayr, Mayr's diagram of Darwin's ideas

opposing words, antonyms -- a list of some!
pattern. This is a site that discusses the underlying and more obvious patterns to look for in the world we inhabit.
Paz, Octavio, Labyrinth of Solitude, Mexican author: Contents of book
Paz, Octavio, summary and interpretation
Paz, themesPictures on the site
Places, meaning of
pleonasm in writing -- Ockham's Razor and the importance of avoiding wordiness.
Population compared globally
Population momentum, discussed here in terms of what the ideas were about growth in 1966, remarks made in a Senate hearing on global population problems and some fanciful ideas on how to pay for growth.
Population Paradox: the demographic divide (NOVA)
Problem Solving
Pyramid of science as a way of knowing

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Real versus ideal in knowing reality (rationality)
Regions, the Caribbean
Research central
Research Guide to other web sites for useful information
Research sources you can rely on
Research; reliable sources on on the Internet for you to use.
Revolutions in

ecological revolutions

science, meaning and worldview

Rollins Relief

Rules of ecology; simply stated

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Sacred Nature
Sacred and the Profane, The; a book by Mircea Eliade.
Scale and levels of organization in nature.
Science represented as a pyramid of certainty
Science defined as how we know things
Science Index
Science is defined and analyzed here as one of many linked pages.
Science related topic index
Science texts, writing about the contemporary worldview
Science, Revolutions in and ideas or Five Scientific Revolutions
Sea level changes and climate
Sex Chromosomes and the importance of X and XY chromosomes
site analysis of any landscape
Site selection criteria for determining optimal design
solving problems
Space and density of areas, and occupancy limitations
Stanislaus River, Fight for the
study guide -- Caribbean Environomental History,
study guide, History of Technology

Survival kit for all classes.
Symbiotic Planet, by Lynn Margulis


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Technology as politics
Technology is defined here as the application of knowledge to human affairs.
Technology is discussed and examined as the means we have to solve the apparent difference between an existing and a desired state of affairs or conditions.
Technology, laws of; by Melvin Kranzberg
Temperature is rising on the Earth's surface
Thames Barrier Project against sea flooding in London
Thames Watershed

Thamus, story of
The Double Helix, by James Watson, notes
The Genetics related information index
The Great Thirst, Norris Hundley, Jr.
Three aspects of every ecological problem

Thoreau, Henry David
Tools are the items or utensils, devices or implements used to identify and understand the power of technology and the techniques we use.

Tools have three facets and may other names; some synonyms for tools are: apparatus, devices, gadgets, implements, instruments, machinery, materials, robots.
Twentieth Century contemporary culture.
Two million years of climate & Global Warming data

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Uncertainty in science, a valued role to play in formulating knowledge.
USA map of the country from a satellite image (mosaic) taken in 1990 from the USGS.
Value defined
Value table to compare competing uses
Values and landscape in an Ecological and an extended economic sense
values with respect to land
Verity, or veracity, Determining the reliability of information.
Vocabulary, advanced terminology defined
Water & hydraulics, their role in sustaining life & civilization.
What do we look for in design?

What is biology?
What is a commons?
What is value?
When writing, there are 4 things to always consider

Governor Whitman compared, on the environment to Carter's ideas
Words; the importance of accurate expression and the appropriate choice of terms is examined here. Eight of the most important terms for my courses are defined here, as well as on other pages.

Wordsworth, William
Worldview is discussed and analyzed at some length and a detailed discussion of ignorance and certainty as these ideas relate to knowledge, use of evidence and specific lessons is at this site.
Worldview, and as changes in the Life Sciences, (1859-1959)
Worldviews are simply described here as ways of knowing our mistakes.
Writing about Science as a means to measure your critical thinking.
Writing Criteria: listed as a form for your to review
Writing: papers

writing, the importance of avoiding wordiness--Ockham's Razor


Zeitgeist, or Spirit of the times

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caveat This page is under construction


Abrupt global climate change due to human pollution is real.

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The Quark and the Jaguar.

Atoms | Bohr | Electromagnetism | Light quanta | Quantum biology | Quantum scale | Quantum Universe | Radiation is

Global Warming