Examining the unity of nature

J. V. Siry


A unity is discernable in science, as the study of nature, that runs deeply through astronomy, physics, chemistry, geology, and biology giving rise to a vision of our place in nature that is fundamentally distinct from earlier worldviews.


This distinction lies in the origins and behavior of all the elements comprising the world we see around us. The sun brings light and life to our world but is also the forge of all the known elements, from carbon to uranium. Water, H2O. is actually essential to all life!

Welcome aboard, we are only the latest arrival to the strange freight that this planet carries through but one solar system of the Milky Way galaxy! You and I are necessary participants at a rare moment in this ageless amalgam.

You are part of this tangled menagerie and its history is embedded in your inheritance.

1997; 395 words

An essay about ignorance of nature

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