Knowledge & verity in an age of uncertainty
  The Documentary Film is a synthetic tentative process, an endeavor of power recognizing the ubiquity of images, error and mistakes. It stems from both a response against a commercial reducing of complexity to entertainment and a realization of the extent to which technology alters our discovery, understanding and image for the world.  
Risk of thought:

Concepts in science –tested when possible by experimentation and in which results are confirmed by an appropriately necessary theory, if not a formula– proceed from stochastic reasoning to a means of discovery with care and ever more perceptive caution.

"Some viewers tend to suspect that a documentary is unreliable if it manipulates the events that are filmed."

p. 349



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Limitations of visual narrative


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Documentary Film

types of form

Categorical Narratives

story line is of a particular genre.


Rhetorical Narratives

stories are persuasive,



"groupings that individuals or societies create to organize their knowledge of the world."

"If a documentary filmmaker wants to convey some information about the world to audiences, categories may provide a basis for organizing the film's form."

p. 353.

"the filmmaker may want to make an argument that will convince the spectator of something."

p. 353.

"Rhetorical form is common in all media."it addresses the viewer openly, trying to move him or her to a new intellectual conviction."

Second, the subject of the film is usually not an issue of scientific truth, but a matter of opinion. . .

"The filmmaker often appeals to our emotion, rather than presenting only factual evidence."

"Fourth, the film often attempts to persuade the viewer to make a choice that will have an effect on his or her everyday life."


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