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Neil Postman on | contemporary use of living space | terror | loss of rural lands | our values

Solar electric collector on a German home, Rothenburg, 2004.

The modern vista: seen here cars and automotive engineering have priority in our organization of the pace of life and the space we allocate for effective services to our communities.


High speed interchange of superhighways in the suburbs: Phoenix, Arizona, 2001. [JVS. 2001]

Topography of terror

Far from being freed by devices, some authors such as Joan Didion have argued that we are lost, if not trapped, in the "mechanics of everyday life".

Leo Marx, The Machine in the Garden.

The rural is replaced by the suburban sprawl and transportation dominated by machines reorders lives as well as landscape patterns.

Analyzing landscapes to recover hidden features.

Technology's capacity to change physical space.

Technology's impacts on perceptions.

Postman's arguments:

Amusing ourselves | Technopoly thesis | Technopoly summary

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A new grammar for our experiences may be necessary to develop?

Carbon as a new currency for our post-indistrial world?

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