"Much of what we know to be true about the physical universe, like the curvature of spacetime and the fact that electrons are both particles and waves, is very difficult to visualize, even for people who spend their lives thinking about such topics."


"Moreover, as physicists and mathematicians probe ever more deeply, they present us with ever more mind-boggling concepts, like the idea that subatomic particles may in fact be minute, vibrating superstrings of space, that our four dimensional universe may actually be ten dimensional,that the observable universe may be much smaller than the true universe, and there may be many other universes besides our own."

Ursula Goodenough, The Sacred Depths of Nature, (NY: Oxford, 1998) p. 3.

"The observable universe is about fifteen billion years old. In the beginning, everything that is now that universe,...was concentrated in a singularity, maybe the size of a pinhead..."

p. 4-5.

to William James:

"At bottom, the whole concern of religion is with the manner of our acceptance of the universe."

p. 47.

Ursula Goodenough, The Sacred Depths of Nature, (NY: Oxford, 1998)


This universe gave birth to all we know and all we may observe, yet scientists claim that this common home of ours and the galaxies of stars are mostly composed of dark matter that we cannot observe directly or indirectly.

Two Cultures




Last Updated on July 25, 2006

By Joseph Siry , Ph. D., U.C.S.B.

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