Misunderstanding Global Ecological Problems is Costly

Welcome to a discussion of Global Change and learning about ecology, politics, and social studies, and the scale of these international changes:

To better understand the inter-related issues of global change you need to get behind the rhetoric of the both advocates of property rights, population control, and the race to save the planet.

The lights of cities and settlements around the earth.

To understand the argument, try the following list of issues and the web addresses for more details:

While all politics is local, manifestations of local power and economic control is lost today for several reasons:

Each of the above crucially significant influences are fluid–that is shifting unexpectedly–by being influenced through planetary changes especially with respect to: growing population, exponential rates of consumption, climate alteration, loss of biological diversity and the undermining of the Earth's life sustaining capacity.

Emergent properties complicate how we must effectively solve problems.

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