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Picture a barrier island!

Charleston and surrounding farmsteads in the Sea Islands of the Carolinas' coastal zone.

Islands in the Stream

Transect of a typical island

A typical cross section of an island: above) low relief, below) high relief with a mountain, both reveal zones to which life adapts.

Critical edges

Basic steps to a good design

Criteria used to judge any site, or place.

Criteria used to evaluate ecological design to replace dumb design

Ecological Design Activity

Values inherent in any site (a table)

What is value?

Productivity (ecological)

Ecological accounting informs us

Three approaches to ecological accounting all differ

Three laws of ecology

Landscape values

Carson's book: contents Edge of the Sea

Character of an Island -- a design project for the class

Comparing values of different land use

Using Jared Diamond to understand the choices we have made & must make in Collapse



Coral Coast

Marshes of the Ocean Shore

Reefs as indicators

Rocky Shores

Sand Beaches

Acting to reduce pollution

Making Waves book contents

Ecological Design Elements

Ecological Design briefly discussed

Social considerations in designing a place

Site Analysis

What is a joint community, or group planning activity?


Related ideas


Florida's natural conditions

Forested land


Human Design

Islands' Study guide

Leopold's Taste for Country

Land by Aldo Leopold

Private Property

TCRPC Principles

Visual Learning

Water and Climate


The Chicago River, now flows in an opposite direction from what it did naturally.


Coastal engineering and the restoration of natural conditions along the shore are a real test of the prevailing faith of contemporary America. beach restoration

Our faith in progress, as a national ethos, is related to the widespread belief that we as a people respect what works.


This aspect of our thinking is called pragmatism.

As a value, pragmatists test the verity or credibility of ideas based on how things function and what we do to improve how something functions to better meet human needs.

Pragmatism was a belief from the 19th century, popularized by Columbia University Professor, John Dewey (1920s) in his call to national service on behalf of common values of civic virtue.

John Dewey once said

"The essential need is the improvement of the methods and conditions of debate, discussion and persuasion. That is the problem of the public."

Summary pages:

How nature's geometry informs ecological accounting in design?

Clues to the basic conflict in the Siry text.

The values of estuaries explained.

Carson describes what persists in the coastal zones.

Sample essay about Carson's importance.

Design • a summary sketch of five principles of ecological

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